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How to be a PIChE Fellow

To become a PIChE Fellow, you need to meet the following steps and requirements outlined in the PIChE College of Fellows Handbook:

Membership Requirements

  1. Professional Registration: Must be a registered and licensed chemical engineer by the Professional Regulation Commission.
  2. Experience: Must have practiced chemical engineering and its allied, related, or growth areas/fields with distinction for at least fifteen (15) years.
  3. Active Membership: Must have been an active member of the PIChE for at least 10 years and nominated by the Chapter.
  4. Endorsement: Must be endorsed or sponsored by a PIChE Fellow.
  5. Point System: Must satisfy a membership criteria point system as defined in the COF Handbook.
  6. Approval: Must receive at least the majority of the votes of the Governing Council (GC) during the final screening process​​.

Membership Procedure

  1. Nomination: The prospective PIChE Fellow shall be initially contacted by the PIChE Chapter of which they are a member, with plans to nominate them as a member of the College.
  2. Application Form: The nominee fills up an application form available from the College of Fellows website and submits it to the nominating PIChE Chapter.
  3. Verification: The nominating PIChE Chapter makes the initial verification to ensure the prospective nominee meets the requirements and includes documentary evidence in the nomination folder.
  4. Submission Deadline: The nomination, along with all necessary documents, must be submitted at least two (2) months before the PIChE National Convention.
  5. Screening: The GC convenes every January to conduct a final review of the nominees and approves candidates by a majority vote.
  6. Notification: Successful applicants are notified of their conferment as Fellows by the PCOF through the chapter endorser​​.

Assessment Criteria

  1. Work Experience: Points are awarded based on years of experience in chemical engineering practice.
  2. Involvement in PIChE: Points are awarded for holding various positions within PIChE, such as National President, Chapter President, National Officer, or Chapter Officer.
  3. Research, Innovation, and Publication: Points are awarded for publishing refereed or non-refereed articles, books, and for significant professional accomplishments.
  4. Awards and Recognitions: Points are awarded for receiving international awards, APEC registration, PRC and PIChE recognitions, and other national awards.
  5. Graduate Studies: Points are awarded based on completed graduate degrees or equivalent industry training in chemical engineering and related fields.
  6. Major Accomplishments: Points are awarded for major professional achievements in industry, academe, government, or service sectors​​.

A nominee must accumulate a minimum of 120 points based on the criteria above to be recommended to the College of Fellows by the PIChE Chapter​​.

For a comprehensive understanding, please refer to the PIChE College of Fellows Handbook.

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